The QB mark
Water supply or drainage piping - QB08

For more than 40 years, the CSTB has been certifying piping system products. QB08 "Water supply or drainage piping" certifies all traditional or nontraditional piping systems, for water distribution and drainage, within buildings.

The benefits of QB08

QB08, the only certification that:

  • highlights either the performance of your products in compliance with European standards or above European standards, in terms of durability and functionality as set out in Technical Appraisals.
  • is committed to carry out tests on your products in CSTB laboratories, accredited by Cofrac.
  • ensures, with support tests, the compatibility of all PEX and PB piping systems for all QB08-certified commercial product references.
  • guarantees pipe and fitting compatibility for multilayer piping systems through initial and periodic testing.
  • validates life expectancy of at least 50 years for heating and hot water distribution systems.
No additional cost
to move into the traditional field while maintaining your QB08 certification.
Management, audits, tests, the CSTB as sole interlocutor
Reduced costs, easier logistics, saving time.

QB Certified products

Innovative products

  • Water supply piping systems, heating and hot water distribution systems and/or PP-R, PP-B, PE-RT, PVC-C, Polymer Multilayer Piping System, PE, and pre-insulated cold water distribution systems, etc.
  • Drainage piping systems for gravitational flow and PP, PVC, modified PVC, TPHP, PP-M, HDPE siphonic drainage systems, etc.
  • Renovation systems for water distribution or drainage systems.

Traditional products

  • PEX/PB heating and hot water distribution systems, fittings for PEX/PB pipes, multilayer piping type metallic and associated fittings, PE drainage systems, polyethylene drainage, sheaths.

Certified characteristics

Baseline characteristics (european standards)

  • Dimensions
  • Durability
  • Fitness for purpose in sanitary and heating applications
  • Installation characteristics

Optional characteristics (higher than european standards)

  • Durability: better oxidation resistance
  • Fitness for purpose: improved functionality for high-temperature heating
QB08 - Water supply or drainage piping