The QB mark
Flexible hoses - QB10

The CSTB has been certifying flexible hoses for more than 30 years. QB10 "Flexible hoses" certifies all flexible hoses for sanitary hot and cold water and HVAC.

The benefits of QB10

QB10, the only certification that:

  • Spotlights the durability and functional performance of your products, beyond the European product standard, as set out in Technical Appraisals (Avis Technique);
  • Is committed to carry out tests on your products in CSTB laboratories, accredited by Cofrac.

For sanitary applications:

  • ensures compliance of products with the European standard NF EN 13618;
  • which certify your products beyond the product standard, according to the claimed pressures.

For HVAC applications:

  • ensures compliance of products to the specifications of the CSTB technical guide.

QB Certified products

Flexible hoses

  • With or without braiding.
  • With stainless steel or synthetic braiding.
  • All connection types with internal EPDM, Butyl, PEX, PERT, HDPE, Silicone or TPSiV tube, multilayer PE.

Certified characteristics

Durability of materials

Specific tests depending on the area of application: sanitary or HVAC.

  • Pressure tests at: 3 times the maximum allowable pressure at high temperatures (up to 110°C).
  • High-temperature testing: experimental heating circuit developed by the CSTB, unique in the world.

Material characteristics

Assessed and monitored over time using specific tests, including:

  • Crosslinking
  • Oxidative-induction time (OIT)
  • Hardness
  • Volume change in water
  • Compression set
  • Determination of stress-strain
  • Determination of tensile stress - strain properties
  • Spectrometric analysis of brass and metal


  • Dimensional characteristics
  • Fitness for use
  • Installation characteristics
QB10 - Flexible hoses