Find out QB

Why QB?

QB is a certification mark that applies to products, services and professionals.

  • Product certification: construction materials, products and equipment.
  • Certification of tools and services associated with the deployment of construction systems used in building:
    • expertise of stakeholders,
    • software
    • assessment of structural design and components, including technical facilities,
    • delivery of product, installation of equipment, construction of works or parts of works
    • maintenance of facilities, works or parts of works,
    • training.

Who's it for?

Manufacturers, construction contractors, building operators, specifiers, merchants, distributors, public and private project owners.

QB is intended for any stakeholder who emphasizes quality assurance for works incorporating reliable products whose technical characteristics have been certified by an independent and competent body, the CSTB or its partners.

Certified products QB

Floor coverings
Floor coverings
Rendering, mortars, adhesives
Rendering, mortars, adhesives
Water treatment, piping systems, drainage and connection hoses
Water treatment, piping systems, drainage and connection hoses
Window profiles, roof windows, steel reinforcements, PVC coatings
Window profiles, roof windows, steel reinforcements, PVC coatings
Cladding, roofs and related products
Cladding, roofs and related products
Precast concrete structural elements
Precast concrete structural elements
Products or structures specific to thermal insulation
Products or structures specific to thermal insulation
HVAC products
HVAC products


The quality and impartiality of the certification process, and level of its requirements form the basis of the technical added value of QB certification. These two elements help ensure that quality levels are consistently reliable.

QB is at the service of professionals and supports them by enabling the products, services or skills that it certifies to be recognised.


In order to facilitate the specification process, the QB certification mark emphasizes the use of technical classifications - such as UPEC for floor coverings, EST for flexible roof underlayments, GEV for roof trim, EJ for underlays, TRaME for trellises and SESAAME for accessibility-related products.


  • Reliability of the certification process
  • Requirements with high added value
  • Impartiality of a public body
  • Quality of certified products


QB-certified products undergo in-plant audits and tests at intervals specified in reference systems:

In-plant audits

  • Review of implementation of quality procedures
  • Supervision of tests and inspections
  • Product sampling


Products are assessed in laboratories that meet the requirements in the 17025 standard.
These checks confirm the quality and fitness for use of products based on European standards and additional stringent performance criteria determined with the stakeholders.

QB-certified products

After auditing and testing, manufacturers can display the QB logo on products and packaging and in marketing materials. Periodic monitoring then takes place.
The certified characteristics are specified on the certificate issued by the CSTB or its partners.
All certified products receive a certificate. The list of valid certificates is available on the website
Any fraudulent use of the QB mark is subject to prosecution.