The QB mark

To simplify the current certification scene in the construction sector, maximise the legibility of benchmarks for the quality, performance and reliability of products, services and stakeholders, the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment – CSTB – launched QB – Quality in Building.
This new certification mark will gradually replace the CSTBat, CSTBat Service, Certifié CSTB Certified and UPEC CSTB marks. Unifying and driven by powerful communication, QB will help strengthen the reputation of the know-how, tools and solutions developed by players in the construction industry, in France since 2015, and internationally since 2016.

1 - What is the scope?

QB is a certification mark for products, services and individuals.

  • Certification of products: construction materials, products or equipment
  • Certification of tools or services associated with the roll-out of construction methods:
    • player expertise,
    • software,
    • design study for building works or parts of building works, including technical equipment,
    • product implementation, equipment installation, carrying out building works or parts of building works,
    • equipment and works maintenance,
    • training.

Advantages for specifiers

  • A more legible unifying mark for specifiers, issued by an impartial and recognised stakeholder.
  • A high-added-value mark, which will gradually incorporate digital-format and environmental data.
  • A mark driven by good communication, which is sustainable over time, both in France and internationally.

2 - What are the requirements?

The quality and impartiality of the certification process, and the level of its requirements form the basis of the technical added value of QB certification. These two elements help ensure that quality levels are consistently reliable.

QB is at the service of professionals and supports them by enabling the products, services or skills that it certifies to be recognised. The certification also applies to all stakeholders: manufacturers, fitters, specifiers and project owners.

The content of the reference system for each application was retained: the certified characteristics and the transitional procedures remain the same. In the medium term, QB will integrate specific requirements like those relative to the environmental data or the BIM.
The QB certification mark will favour the use of technical classifications – such as UPEC, EST, SESAAME, etc. – for drawing up the requirements.

3 - Will it be rolled out internationally?

QB was launched on the French market in 2015. QB is now gradually extended to others countries. This roll-out began in Europe, followed by the Mediterranean region, by fields of activity and in relation to the needs expressed by stakeholders to support them with their international development.

4 - What is the roll-out schedule?

The QB General Requirements became applicable on 1 October 2015.

A transition period, from 1 October 2015 to 31 December 2018, has been scheduled to ensure that everyone benefits from a smooth transition from the current certification to the QB mark. In the case of a technical obligation specific to a family of products, in particular with regards to product marking, an exemption may be extended beyond 31 December 2018.

A two-stage transition

Transition stage and Improvement stage