Communication campaign

After its launch in November 2015, the QB certification mark was rolled out in 2017 with a sustained communication campaign, based on the slogan: “QB, une marque, toutes les qualités“, “One mark, a thousand qualities”. To support the launch of the UPEC classification associated with QB, a dedicated marketing campaign based on the slogan “Une marque, un classement, 4 performances”, “One mark, one classification, 4 characteristics” will be rolled out via specialist media. What’s new...

A campaign promoting the QB certification mark will support the mark's ramp-up in 2017 and 2018.
In the autumn 2017, the QB UPEC campaign will follow the same graphic principles as the QB campaign.

The mark will benefit from high visibility during the second half of 2017, in connection with important professional events: Congrès HLM, Mondial du Bâtiment, Salon des Maires, etc.

A print and digital media campaign kicks off in September 2017 in major trade media, targeting large audiences of specifiers, project managers, manufacturers and distributors.
To specifically highlight the QB certification with UPEC classification, a campaign is also being conducted in media specific to the floor covering sector.

A strong image
Since 2015, professionals and individuals got to know the emblematic image of the QB brand. This year, this image adapted to include the UPEC classification. By keeping the governing principle of quality, QB UPEC adds the idea of ​​performance and choice according to the use or type of floor. A communication kit for professionals is available on request from application managers.

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